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About company

We are a team of like-minded people. We select people who are responsible for their work and who understand the importance of their business.

Installed in >1500 wells
We have <1% failures
Founded in 2007 year


We are actively developing in Saudi Arabia, Russia and the United States. We are ready to cooperate with all countries of the world to digitize your oil and gas fields.

History of the company


The company is founded and begins operations in Tatarstan, Russia.

First $ Million

Permanent monitoring systems developed and introduced into the market (small oil companies).


The first big contract is secured with Tatneft Oil Company (big operator in Russia).

Full production process

Full production process is organised: from R&D to manufacturing, installation and warranty service.

Full speed!

Agreement signed with TatNIPIneft, to start the development of fully electric remotely-controlled downhole valve.

We are first!

First intelligent completion installation in Russia.

1000 wells

Since the company inception, 1000 wells are equipped with permanent monitoring solutions across Russia.

Lukoil, here we come

Entry into Lukoil market – one of the largest Russian operators.

Gas Condensate

First jobs in Gas Condensate fields.

Next-gen gauges

Electronic-less Pressure and Temperature gauges are developed and installed.

New ways

Searching for new ways to develop the company and go international.

Venture capital

Agreement with Terra VC, first investments.


Company is Skolkovo (The main Innovation Centre in Russia) resident.

We are Tota Systems!

Opening international business. Tota brand is created.


QA/QC is always paid utmost attention in Tota. Quality Management System (QMS) is operational since 2011


Способ глубокой перфорации обсаженной скважины
Скважинное устройство герметичного перехода геофизического кабеля
Пробоотборное устройство «ПОТОК-1М»
Самоориентируемый децентратор насосно-компрессорных труб
Скважинный фильтр с проходным каналом

Company is funded by
Skolkovo Innovation Center